TTR Climate Change

Dear TTR Members,

Our TTR Climate Change Initiative continues to support activities to build our capacity and awareness about how to address the impacts of Climate Change and how to take action as active users of the land.

Last fall, we completed the TTR Climate Change Health and Vulnerability Assessment, which provided important insight into the potential health risks associated with Climate Change at TTR.   This report concluded that climate change is changing the landscape and quality of life within TTR. Warning signs of a warming climate have community members feeling uneasy about wildfires and wildfire smoke that comes from across Canada. Survey participants gave an indication that there appears to be increasingly more ticks and mosquitoes as the climate changes, although no cases of West Nile Virus or Lyme Disease had affected them to date. Community members also noted that there is an apparent increase in the intensity and frequency of severe weather events (extreme temperatures, summer and winter storms, wind, heavy rain, etc.) and results from the survey showed members are becoming more anxious in relation to the changing weather.

The results of the report were shared in our last meeting of March 14th, 2024.  If you would like to receive a copy of this report, please let us know and we will make sure you receive it!

On a different note, I am pleased to advise that our TTR Climate Change initiative will be extending its activities due to the recent confirmation of funding that has been approved.  Some of the upcoming activities are:


We would like to thank the Climate Change Health Adaptation Program and Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program for supporting this important program.


Don Clarke

TTR Climate Change Initiativ

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