TTR Youth Empower & Community Reconciliation Initiative


Dear TTR Members,

In May 2023, Tootinaowaziibeeng Treaty Reserve started a program to assess the impacts of the Residential Schools in the community to develop a strategy and gain control over the healing and reconciliation process based on TTR’s unique experiences.

This was made possible by funding received from the Future Generations Foundation (formerly the NIB Trust Fund).  These funds were used to start the discussion on the Impacts of Residential Schools in TTR to reflect on the impacts and better understand how they have influenced how the community lives today.

TTR  began addressing the impacts of the Indian Residential School system with the participation of elders and survivors of these schools, who participated in several engagement sessions, completed surveys and supported the research process and the development of the final report.

TTR’s program also facilitated the development of a unique youth activity with the assistance of the Going the M.I.L.E.S. group.  This activity was specifically designed to engage the youth and assist community members in understanding the origin of the many social issues and barriers encountered by First Nation’s youth in connection with the effects of residential schools and with a focus on harm reduction, suicide prevention and drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

The research and sharing component also allowed survivors and other community members to learn key aspects of the history of the Indian Residential School and how it affected life in TTR.

The feedback provided by Survivors and their descendants during the execution of this project confirmed that TTR needs to work together and facilitate a safe space where community members can learn to acknowledge the past and, with proper guidance, also remember that the future is unwritten and full of possibilities for improvement, especially for the children and youth who represent the future of the community.

At the end of the workshops/meetings, most TTR members agreed that reconciliation would require time and a community-wide approach to address the negative effects of residential schools.

As part of the community healing journey, TTR has created a book that shares the experiences of survivors and inter-generational survivors and how the legacy of this school system has and continues to impact the community. 

The book, which is available for download in this section of our website, offers views on healing and reconciliation and provides findings of what was learned and ways to move forward together on reconciliation and healing.  

TTR invites you to read and share this book with your family and friends, as understanding the effects of residential schools requires active guidance and support from all of us.

Again, we would like to thank the Future Generations Foundation for the funding provided, the TTR Chief & Council for their support, and all the people who contributed to this program. 

We also thank the Survivors and Inter-generational Survivors for your generosity, courage and strength in sharing your personal experiences and perspectives.


Don Clarke
Project Manager