TTR members who live on reserve attend the Chief Clifford Lynxleg Anishinabe School (CCLAS), which offers a Nursery to Grade 7.  Students of superior grades attend other schools located off of the reserve, mainly in Grandview.

The TTR Educational Programs includes the management and administration of the CCLAS through its Principal and  TTR Post-secondary coordinator.

The mission statement of CCLAS, states that their “mission is to create a safe environment, which allows learning to take place at all grade levels.”

Also, the vision statement indicates, “We, the Chief Clifford Lynxleg Anishinabe School, seek to promote positive behaviour and build strong community/school relationships. We encourage co-operation, communication, support, and involvement of our staff, students, parents, and community. We see a respectful, life-long learning student body, a strong cohesive staff, and a well-informed, supportive community”.

The TTREA organizational structure includes an Education Portfolio Holder as the representative of Chief & Council and the Director of Education, who reports directly to Chief & Council. 

Education is an essential service that TTR provides, which presently is regulated under the

the School and Education Policy Manual of 2019.

For more information, contact:

Paulette Ouellette

CCLAS Principal
Phone: 204-546-2671

Victoria Ironstand

Post-Secondary Coordinator

Phone: 204-546-3334